The Imperfect Foods Grocery Storage Guide

Storing your groceries properly is one of the best ways to make them last and stop food waste before it starts. If you store things intentionally and do some meal planning around the保质期你最喜欢的成分,你会发现你浪费更少的食物,享受更多烹饪,省钱!首先下载我们的方便存储指南,然后按照以下提示:

On the counter

  • 保持水果和蔬菜分开,因为水果如苹果和梨释放气体,可以使蔬菜变得更快。
  • Store counter items loose and away from sunlight, heat, and moisture.
  • Keep tomatoes at room temperature to preserve their flavor and aroma.
  • 苹果,梨和香蕉等水果自然地释放乙烯气,因为它们的成熟,这也使东西熟指成熟。您可以将此用于您的优势,使顽固的鳄梨或桃成熟更快。只需坚持您想要在苹果或香蕉旁边的纸袋里成熟的物品。它应该在一两天内准备好。
  • Basil is one of the few herbs that doesn’t tolerate cold temperatures. Since basil will wilt and die in your fridge. Keep it on the counter in a jar of water, like a bouquet of flowers.
  • Keep your oil away from heat and light, since these will both make it go rancid faster.
  • Citrus will last longer in the fridge but taste better at room temperature. As a good compromise, keep them in the fridge if you’d like, but bring them to room temperature before using.


  • 单独的洋葱和土豆,因为洋葱的气体会使土豆甘蓝从马铃薯中发出更快,水分会使洋葱变得柔软。
  • 螺母在储肠里很好,但如果你有太多的人完成,把它们藏在冰箱里,让他们持续更长时间
  • Buy whole spices and grind them yourself, if you can, since preground spices are less flavorful and will go bad faster than whole spices.


  • Always refrigerate cut or peeled produce.
  • Don’t keep temperature sensitive items like milk or eggs in the door of your refrigerator, since this area often doesn’t stay cold enough to keep them fresh.
  • Don’t store leafy greens like kale, chard, or lettuce “naked” as they will dry out and wilt in the the fridge. Instead, keep them in the crisper drawer, ideally wrapped in a dish towel or beeswax food wrap.
  • 在冰箱里的一罐水中储存草药,如欧芹,香菜和薄荷壶,如切花。
  • Keep mushrooms in a paper bag
  • 如果你的胡萝卜,甜菜或萝卜带来了上衣,把它们放在将它们放开之前,因为顶部将从根部排出水并使它们变得更快。然而,你不必扔掉顶部,因为有很多根到叶食谱你可以用它们制作。胡萝卜顶部的味道与欧芹非常相似,甜菜上衣几乎与鸡巴相同,而萝卜绿色味道很像芝麻菜。


  • 冰箱不仅仅是冰淇淋!使用冰箱来延长剩菜的生活,你不能完成,或者你买了太多的蔬菜。
  • 冻结额外的果实,如香蕉或浆果在冰沙上使用。
  • Freeze your veggie scraps like fennel stalks, celery leaves, mushroom stems, or leek greens to add to自制蔬菜库存!
  • 如果您可以,标签和日期您放入冰箱中的所有剩余物,以便您可以轻松扫描在那里并确定您需要先使用的内容。

想勒arn where to put all of your favorite groceries to make them last longer?一定要下载我们的存储指南!It’s a handy way to see at a glance where all of your food should live to last as long as possible. Many folks in our community display theirs on their fridge as an easy reference.